Day-Of FAQs

Day-Of FAQs


There are many ways to keep your guests surprised with the simple details. There are many options that range anywhere from menus and programs to signage and table numbers. Here are some of the most popular questions I have gotten! If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.


Do I need menus?

Nope, only if you want them. Menus often help the most when you’re doing a buffet or stations. This allows the guest to make up their mind of what they want before they get up there. In return, this will get guests through the line much quicker. For plated dinners, guests have chosen their dinners beforehand, so the menu isn’t necessary. If you are on a budget, you might also consider doing one menu card for each table. That way the table can share the menu and you can save a few pennies.

Do I need programs?

This is another one of the pieces that aren’t necessary. A lot of people enjoy having a program to follow along with during the ceremony. I think they also enjoy something to read while their waiting for the ceremony to begin.

What do you put on a program?

Basically you can put whatever you want. Some ideas that come to mind are: wedding party, a timeline, bible readings, cute illustrations, a “thank you” to your guests, reception details, etc. This is a great piece to tell your guests anything you want them to know the day of.

We don’t want a menu, but we want thank you cards on each seat. Can you do this?

Sure thing! We can apply this option to your initial invoice in the beginning and design from there. This thank you note can say just about anything. My advice, make it sound like you as a couple. Not a generate thank you from a machine. You want to really let your guests know that you are very thankful that they were able to cherish this moment with you.


What are the best materials for table numbers?

Table numbers are generally made from thick cardstock. This option is also the most cost effective.

Do I need a table number for the head table or sweetheart table?

Table numbers for these aren’t necessary, but you can definitely have them if you want! Maybe instead of a number, you could do a fun sign such as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Forever Together”. Again, be creative.

Can you put something else instead of an actual number?

Of course! Your day-of details are the perfect way to incorporate some of your personality into your big day. If you want to make them band names, places you’ve visited, all of your dogs’ names, etc. I can definitely do that for you! Also see, Day-Of Details for more information.


Place Cards, Escort Cards and Signage:

Since there’s always a lot of questions about seating and signage, I made its own FAQ! Check it out!


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