RSVP Etiquette

RSVP Etiquette


Your RSVP should include the essential information – title, date, line for names, response. There are traditional ways to word your RSVP’s but the good news is you can have them say whatever you want! These modern times have allowed us to get creative.


You’ll want some sort of title for your reply cards and the most popular are:


“Kindly Reply”

“Please Respond”


“Kindly RSVP”


Under the title, you’ll want a date written for them to reply by such as “by Saturday, the fifth of May”. These can be fully written out, partially numbered or fully numbered just like the options for the main invitation.


After the date, you’ll have a line for the guest to write their name in. This is so you know who’s RSVP card it is. There’s usually an “M” in front of this line, so they can write in their prefix such as “Mrs. Anne Smith”.

A little tip: if you’re worried someone might not write their name in the line, you can number the backs of your RSVP cards and then you can tell who’s is missing!


There’s a ton of ways for you to have them mark “yes” or “no” to if they’re coming or not. Here are some options for you!



Can’t Wait/Can’t Make it

Wouldn’t Miss it for the World/We’ll be there in Spirit

Joyfully Accepts/Regretfully Declines

Will be there/Will be toasting from afar

Accepts with Pleasure/Declines with Regret

Number Attending/Unable to Attend


There’s a lot of other information that you may need from your guests or some stuff that’s just fun! Here are some of the most popular options for additional RSVP card wording:

Seats Reserved

“We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” or “The number of seats reserved for this invitation: ___”
This is so they know how many people are invited with this invitation. The only “con” to this line is that if you invite “Joe and Sue” but Sue can’t come, Joe might think he can bring someone else.

Attending Guests

“Number Attending ___ Unable to Attend ___” or “Number of guests attending ___” People put this on there so they can have a clear idea of how many in each party is actually going to come.

Food Choice

If you’re having a plated meal,  you’ll need to have a food choice on your reply card. The most popular ways to word this would be to have one of these lines: “Please place each guest’s initials next to their food choice” or “Please indicate each guest’s entrée selection” with the meals underneath it (___chicken  ___beef ___vegetarian)

If you’re not doing a plated meal, you won’t need this, but it might be a good idea to have a line for vegetarians or a line for allergies. You can put this on the bottom like so: “Vegetarian(s) __” and/or “Allergies: ________”

Song Request

Something that might be fun is to have a song request line! I did this for my invitations and it was fun to see all of the songs people would want played. We made a playlist of all of those songs and whenever I hear them, it makes me think of the person who requested it (: it also lets you “approve” what requested songs to play so you can give to your DJ beforehand so they don’t play any day-of requested songs.


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