Seating & Signage FAQs

Seating & Signage FAQs


Attempting to seat everyone at your wedding is already hard enough. Now you have to decide how you are going to display that seating chart or escort cards and place cards. Here are some of the most popular questions I have gotten! If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

Do I need a seating chart?

You only need a seating chart if you plan on seating your guests for them. If you decide to do this you can either do a seating chart or escort cards. The chart will tell the guests which table to go to and can be listed in alphabetical order or by table. Large displays are best so that a group of people can view the chart. If you aren’t assigning your guests to a table, then you don’t need a seating chart.

What’s the difference between an alphabetical seating chart and one by table?

Essentially, if you list your guests in alphabetical order it’s a little easier for your guests to find their names/seats. However, if you don’t like the look of that, then you can list them by table.

What is the difference between escort cards and place cards?

Instead of a seating chart, you would use escort cards which tell guests which table to go to. If you are having assigned seating then you will need place cards at each place of the table to tell the guest which seat is theirs.

Do I need place cards?

You only need place cards if you are having assigned seating.

How can I indicate meal choices on a place or escort card?

The most popular way to do this is with little dots on the bottom (ex: 1 dot = beef, 2 dots = chicken, 3 dots = veg), but we can also use colors (paper or ink) to distinguish, or any other little icon (ex: B=beef, C=chicken, V=veg).

How should I write the guest’s name?

For place cards, you would only have their first name and last initial. For escort cards, you can either write their full name or just their first name and last initial.

What is the most cost effective table assignment method?

The most cost effective place/escort cards would be flat. Your next option would be the tented version (which is folded in half).

The most cost effective seating chart would be printed on coverstock paper and framed. Your next option would be printed on foam board which doesn’t need a frame – it stands on it’s own.

What are my options for signage materials?

Your material options are printed on paper (to put in a frame) or printed on foam board.

What are your most popular place and escort card options?

The most popular place/escort cards are the tented versions, followed by the flat cards.

When should I order my day-of wedding pieces?

You should order your day-of pieces at around 4 months before the wedding date. This will give us enough time for consultation, design, production and shipping (if you are out of state).

What about all of my other details?

You can find more information about day-of details here.


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