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Congratulations on your engagement! Let the planning begin! I am thrilled you have chosen to check out the custom and affordable possibilities of my stationery designs. As an experienced wedding stationery designer, I have many favorite details that I would love to share with you! This may sound funny to you, but I love paper goods! Anything from invitations and details cards to the small fine details such as custom stamps and belly bands. The possibilities are endless and that’s why I enjoy designing for the future Mr. and Mrs.

At Kayla Romey Designs, my goal is to provide beautiful and custom stationery that is affordable and one of kind each couple. Something that guests will be talking about after the celebration is over. Something that is memorable and placed into the family scrapbook. Everyone should have the perfect stationery for their wedding, not matter how small or large the wedding is. I always strive to provide the best quality of products, design and advice in order to make this experience effortless and enjoyable.

Now the hard part…where to start? There are many different options of paper goods; some with texture, some that are smooth, colors galore, and more! Don’t worry! I’m here to help you through the process of designing and choosing paper that fits your wedding theme and budget. Let’s get started!


The design and printing processes are very simple but it requires a little bit of explanation. In brief, my process includes: an initial consultation, 50% non-refundable deposit, clients design elements form, signed design contract, design board, four proofs, final design release form & checklist, the printing process, any assembly (if required) and ship stationery to you.

Initial Consultation

This is the time to tell me exactly what you envision. What have you always dreamed of? Put it all out there for me to hear, the more the better. We will discuss, the venue, dates, design options, paper options, day-of details, pricing, timelines and everything in between. After our chat, you will receive an invoice and timeline based on the information we talked about.

When you are ready to begin designing your proof, follow these three steps:

Submit a 50% non-refundable deposit in person by cash or check.

Submit Design Elements Form of all design elements, details and thoughts or factors for me to consider, along with any inspiring photos.

Please read the conditions outlined in my Design Contract and submit your online Design Contract Form to get started!

Design Board

For most designers, we like to create a design board before starting big projects. This allows us to compile a lot of reference photos, fonts, colors, hues, and design elements all on one board that helps inspire us to create a project. Essentially, I am going to do that for you. After you finish the three steps mentioned above, I will use your Design Elements Form to create a design board of your wedding. One that I think would best fit your wedding style and theme.

Proofing Process

Next, like most things in life, this will require some proofing. We will go through a series of four digital proofs via email. I will design based on our initial consultation, the feedback from the design board and any other conversation we have throughout this process. If a printed proof is required, there will be an additional proofing fee (see your Design Contract for details). Your proof is no complete until you say it is.

Final Proof Approval

After the final proof, you will receive a Final Design Release Form along with the final design that will be sent to print and a checklist for you to double check everything. Once you sign and return the form to me, the remainder balance of your invoice is due. Once the amount is paid in full, your beautiful suite will be sent to print. Now, we anxiously wait for the final product.

After Printing

Once the printers have finished with the suite, they are shipped to myself. I will double check that everything is correct. If assembly or addressing is required in your invoice, it is as this time that I will do that. When I have given everything the final ‘okay’ I will send out all the materials and give you notification of the sent materials and a tracking number. Now it’s up to you to send everything out to your anxious guests.


Let’s be honest, weddings are expensive and there are some details that are more important to you then others. Keep in mind that your stationery is the first impression that your guests are given about your wedding. Let’s face it, deep down, you want to impress everyone. You want them to continue talking about your wedding leading up to it and long after! With high quality paper goods and printing, I can create the stationery suite of your dreams that will be both exquisite and memorable for you and your guests.

I work with trusted printers with high dollar machines and expert staff, so I can guarantee almost identical printing based on your digital proofs. I also provide paper stock that is achievable paper (doesn’t contain any acids), which means that it won’t break down over time.

So frame or photo book your stationery suite for a lifetime of memories. I am so happy you chose to work with me and I promise your stationery will be the talk around your family for time to come.


Digital Printing

This method is a toner-based process using an image generated from a computer and printed flat on paper. This type of printing is ideal for various types of artwork such as colorful, black and white, one-color pieces and smooth papers. My printers are high end digital machines so they are also capable of printing on textured papers such as eggshell, linen and thicker cover stocks.

Cost: lowest

Colors: unlimited

Texture: smooth, eggshell, linen

Paper Weight: 80#, 100# 110#, 16pt, 18pt

White Ink Printing

This method is similar to digital printing. This type of printing is ideal for printing on darker paper stocks. The down-side of this type printing is that there aren’t many color choices for paper and envelopes.

Cost: moderate

Colors: limited

Texture: smooth

Paper Weight: 80#, 100# 110#, 16pt, 18pt

Foil Printing

This is a single-color process, meaning that a printing plate is created for each color of ink and a plate for each foil impression. Foil works by laying a sheet of metallic foil on paper, heating up a metal plate and pressing it against that metallic paper, leaving just the foil just on the impression itself. This produces a beautiful shine and makes it easy to print metallic and on darker papers.

Cost: highest

Colors: 12 colors | Matte or Gloss

Texture: smooth, eggshell, linen

Paper Weight: 100# 110#, 120#, 19pt


When it comes to paper, the options are close to endless. There is smooth, textured, colored, shimmery, bright, pale and more! Besides all that, they also come in different weights. Gee where to start?!

In brief, standard paper such as Classic Crest is the lowest in cost. Although this paper is lower in cost, doesn’t mean the quality is any less then great! This paper comes in three different colors, two different weights and two different textures. Other stocks such as Stardream and Cotton are higher in cost. These stocks come in many different colors and two different weights. In general, most of the paper colors available match the series of envelope colors listed here.

Check out all the paper options by clicking the Read More button below!


Styling your suite with colorful envelopes is a fun way to jazz up your suite. A lot of stationery suites are done with simple invitations and RSVP cards, which allows you to add a pop of color that will really make a statement when you send out your invitations. Don’t be shy, let’s get creative!

Like the paper options, standard envelopes such as Classic Crest is the lowest in cost. Other papers such as the Stardream series is the highest cost in envelopes. In general, most of the envelope colors available match the series of paper colors listed here.

Check out all the envelope options by clicking the Read More button below!


The typography portion of your design is going to be the main headings or titles of your stationery. For example, couples’ names, details, RSVP, menu, map, accommodations, etc. There are four main categories listed below, that are best for this.


This typeface is very elegant and formal with a lot of swirly endings on letters, special capital letters and a cursive feel to it. This is great for very formal and elegant wedding themes.


This style is very bold with straight lines and hardly any curvatures. A lot of type faces in this category have a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. This style is great when using a lot of straight lines in your design and theme.


This style has become very popular over the years. There is a sense of personal connection with these fonts. They are usually very loose, free flowing and they embrace the imperfections. This font is great for achieving that natural feeling for outside venues/ceremonies.


This type of font was created by using a San Serif font and adding a ‘foot’ to the ends of the letters. The most popular typefaces for this is Times Roman, Baskerville and Bell MT. This style is great for modern take on old fashion type.


The body font portion of your design is going to be all the other text besides the main headings and titles. When choosing your fonts, make sure that the font has a large font family with many options such as, light, normal, semi-bold, bold and italic.


This type of font was created by using a San Serif font and adding a ‘foot’ to the ends of the letters. The most popular typefaces for this is Times Roman, Baskerville and Bell MT. This style is great for body text because it’s capital letters define the spaces of the stationery and it has a sense of elegance to it.


This typeface is very elegant and formal with a lot of swirly endings on letters, special capital letters and a cursive feel to it. This is great for very formal and elegant wedding themes. You have to be careful when using this in body text because it can become very difficult to read.


This type of font is essentially the same as the Serif font however there isn’t a ‘foot’ at the ends of the letters. Most common fonts in this category include Helvetica and Open Sans. This is great for body text because it’s clean, simple and you can add spacing in between letters add more ‘white space’ to the design.


INVITATIONS should spell out all the essential information – who’s hosting, where and when the ceremony takes place. There are traditional ways to word your invitations but the good news is you can have them say whatever you want! These modern times have allowed us to get creative. Please also see Invitation Etiquette for more references.

RSVP cards are important and should follow a few rules, but can be changed to fit the personality of your wedding. They should include the following information so that you can get an accurate head count for tables, chairs, food quantities: RSVP date, check box for accept or decline and entrée preference. Please also see RSVP Etiquette for more references.

DETAIL cards have very loose wording. It is completely up to you on what you would like to say and how you would like to say it. I can always send you examples for references too. Please also see Detail Card Etiquette for more references.


No stress while planning your wedding! Let’s take care of those questions. Email me!

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