Day-Of Details


There are many ways to keep your guests surprised with the simple details. There are many options that range anywhere from menus and programs to signage and table numbers. The creativity just keeps flowing and your guests will continue to talk about these wedding details for a long time to come.


What does anyone like more than going to a wedding and dancing…the answer is FOOD! Guests love to eat and they love to know what they are going to be eating too!

Your menu should include starters, entrée, dessert and specialty bar selections (or open bar). Your stationery style continues with your menu card. Although, if your style allows it, you can add fun titles to the card instead of “Menu’ such as “The Grub Menu” and “Don’t Go Hungry”.

Design: $60, plus printing


I highly recommend programs at your wedding. Guests like to know exactly what will be happening at the ceremony. There are no rules to the program, so be creative!

These can be handed out individual as guest arrive, placed in a basket near the entry of the ceremony or placed on each chair at the venue. If your wedding is outside and it is going to be hot, we can also blue a ornate popsicle stick to the back and your program because a fan to cool your guests off.

Design: $60-$120, plus printing


There are so many options for signage! The possibilities are endless. See the options above for reference.

I have the ability to print on Poster board and poster paper. The best way to do is by printing on poster paper, placing it in a frame and setting it on an easel.

Design: $20-$120, plus printing

Table Numbers

Another simple but elegant detail to any wedding reception, indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to go for the usual table numbers, especially if your not doing a seating chart. Instead, you can name the table after places you’ve visited, brands you like, the names of sea life. Whatever your theme is, we can come up with clever table names.

Design: $20-$60, plus printing

Place Cards

This element of design is there, so that guests know exactly where they are sitting at the reception. At the entry of the reception, you’ll need a seating chart to show the guests which table they are sitting at. Then when the guests arrive at the correct table, they will find a place card with their name on it.

Design: $60-$120

Seating Charts

At the entry of the reception, you’ll find this seating chart. Most brides organize the tables in number order. Then the names in alphabetical order. However, this is not set in stone.

Seating charts are done in two ways: printed on poster board then placed on an easel or printed on poster paper, placed in a frame and placed on an easel.

Design: $60-$120, plus printing

Napkins & Coasters

Coming Soon!


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